LWW Group, JONSLUND. SE - 465 80 NOSSEBRO. SWEDEN. TEL: +46 512 300 300.

LWW Group

LWW Group, 556529-5333, is a global supplier of winding wire solutions. It is a family owned company that comprises the four business and production units Dahréntråd (Sweden), Isodraht (Germany), Slaska (Poland) and LWW China. All of them renowned brands and well reputed manufacturers globally as well as locally. Substantial manufacturing resources, experience and know-how make LWW a leading supplier of winding wire and a strong partner to the electronics industry.



Dahréntråd in Jonslund, Sweden, is one of Europe’s largest and most modern production plants for round and rectangular winding wire in copper and aluminium. It is renowned for its high quality and flexibility and can pride itself on being the industry leader on environmental issues. In-house testing and an R&D centre ensure an inspiring platform for technical partnerships with customers and suppliers. Dahréntråd was founded in 1945.

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Isodraht in Mannheim, Germany, is strategically located in one of Europe’s largest markets. The factory produces all kinds of winding copper and aluminium wire – round and rectangular, enamelled, covered and bare – for a wide range of applications. The history of the Mannheim factory goes back as far as 1899 and the early days of electricity.

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LWW Slaska

LWW Slaska in Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland, has a long tradition of producing high-quality enamelled, round and rectangular winding wire in copper and aluminium. Ideally located in the heart of Central Europe, the company has experienced rapid development in recent years, resulting in increased sales and dynamic growth. It is the biggest manufacturer of coil wires in Poland and was established in 1928.

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LW China

Liljedahl Wire in China serves the Chinese market with winding wire from a modern plant (built in 2010) in Jiangsu, 50 km north of Shanghai. It is one of the leading manufacturers in China, specialised in lapped rectangular copper wire for demanding industrial applications.