LWW Group AB
Jonslund, Sweden




Corona virus – Status report update 2020-03-30

Compared to the previous week, nothing has changed regarding LWW’s ability to deliver:

  • No covid-19 case was observed by any LWW Group employee
  • Production is running as normal
  • Raw material is available 
  • Finished goods and raw material can be shipped in and out

The development of the Coronavirus accelerates in Europe and globally, new measures are continuously decided by the authorities to limit the spread of the virus. LWW Group has the greatest respect to these activities and is complying to all guidelines and regulations. We prioritize the health of our employees, customers and partners. 

Like everyone else, we are affected by the changed conditions and restrictions but it has been proven that the supply chain of LWW Group is robust and strong and that the internal measures to minimize the spread of the virus is so far effective:

Transportation of goods is working, but due to increased border control we still see increasing shipping times. 

We must all be aware that the situation can change rapidly when the virus is developing further within Europe. Please be assured that we spend all our efforts to secure the supply. Our professional local teams will keep you informed in case of future developments, which may impact your business, in due time. 



Patrik Brouzell

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